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I started North Home Remodeling in 2007 after working in the remodeling industry since the '80s alongside top experts in the field. Broadening my skills both as a builder and as a remodeler has always been a goal for me. In the more-than-15-years since, my family has joined me in this pursuit. Together, we've built a thriving remodeling business, and we're proud of the work we've done.
In 2019, we had installed out-swing french doors for a client to their new outdoor oasis. Allowing both french doors to be open and to maintain the inviting feel, we needed a screen which was not only functional, but attractive, as it would always be seen on the interior of the home. This led me to Casper screens!
After talking with Kevin, the owner of Casper Screens, I scheduled a trip to California and saw the product first-hand. I spent a few days understanding the unique features and learned the installation process, both simple and custom. I saw the opportunity to share this awesome product with my clients and so many more, here in North Carolina. I knew my customers would love the convenience and appearance of this wonderful product.